Top 5 New Grossing Mobile Games for February 2018

Mobile Gaming is becoming our everyday habit, nowadays everyone has a smartphone with an internet connection, and According to, more than 36% of world’s population is projected to use a smartphone by 2018. And that’s a hell lot of people. Hence mobile game developers are eager to launch new games every month.

Out of them, we will try to pick up some of the best mobile games grossing on the app store as well as Google play store. So here below we are presenting….

Top 5 Monthly New Grossing Mobile Games for February 2018.

  1. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Developed and Published by Square Enix Co., Ltd Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is gaining a lot of fans across the world.

final fantasy xv pocket edition

Tha Gameplay

This game is divided into different chapters, and if you want to play it for free, then you can only play the first chapter. To play the next chapter you will have to pay. The game is available as In-App Purchase per chapter, or else you can also buy a complete bundled package with small discount. If you are a true lover of final fantasy XV pocket edition, we recommend going with full bundled discount.

According to Hajime Tabata who is director of Final Fantasy XV, The game might also come for PC users in future; On 6th March 2018, they are about to release the Final Fantasy XV full version for PC.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket edition is completely inspired by console version; many things are almost same without any significant downgrades for mobile devices. Square Enix has done a great job converting a great console to awesome mobile game.

Watch the launch trailer below so you can understand the game graphics as well as other aspects of gameplay.

According to Google play store at the time of writing this article, the game has 4.2 Rating out of 6481 Reviews.

We are posting some of the Good and Bad experiences people sharing on Google Play Store reviews section, which can help you understand technical things about the game.

final fantasy xv pocket edition review

One of the gamers of this game is having issues related to compatibility issue of the game, Also many other people reporting the same problem so we expect that Square Enix should look into it.

final fantasy review

According to this user, the game is fantastic and performing excellently on the handheld device.

  1. Cash Show – Win Real Cash

Trivia games are becoming huge since last few months, And for Feb-2018, we have another one. You can win cash prizes playing cash show game. You will be asked for some questions, and you need to answer them. The show opens three times a day at 3.30PM EST, 8.00 PM EST and 9.30 PM EST.

cash show win prizes

The game is free to download from Google Play store link for the same is available below.

The Gameplay

There would be 12 questions in every show which has multiple options; Player would need to answer the question correctly within 10 seconds. A player needs to reach the prize questions to win the prizes. Once the user answers all the questions correctly, then only he can win the big prizes.

The game is developed by Zenentertain; In this game, you can compete with other contestants to win the prize money. It could be any number till USA 2500$.

Participation in the game is easy you will be asked to register with your phone number and username. You will be given a lifeline in the form of boosters you can use them as per your requirement.

Now let’s see what people are experiencing while playing the game online.


Here a user of the game claiming that she won the prize money of 5000$ for answering all the questions correctly, But according to her the grand prize would be distributed to all the winners who answered correct answers and because of that prize money goes very less for each winner.

cash show review

In another review, a user won the prize money of 16.08$, and he tried to redeem it through PayPal but did not receive the money until one week, Then he updated he got it once he contacted the game support.

You can download the game for Android and iOS devices from the following official links.


  1. Knife Hit

Knife Hit is launched for android and ios devices by Ketchapp, A well-known name in the gaming industry. It’s a task to play this game, but it’s very addictive if you start playing it for the first time we are sure you will play at least for an hour.

knife hit

The Gameplay

Knife Hit is all about throwing knife’s allotted to you to split the tree block, Its all about timing the knifes correct way so it can chop off the tree blocks in the fastest way. You can use touchscreen swipes to throw your knife in the direction of wooden tree blocks, which will then quickly cut the block. Knifes given to you increase in numbers every time you get a new block. Your job is to slice the block with all the knifes on it without touching the other knifes already available on the block.

The game will start slowly with less number of knives and slow movement of wooden block in circular motion. Once you move forward to a new stage, count of knifes will be more and also the speed of circular motion of wooden blocks will also increase. Sometimes it will move in a circular motion clockwise, and sometimes anticlockwise, So you have to be very careful while throwing the knifes each time, If you hit the knife which Is already in a wooden block, Then you will have to start again.

What actual gamers think about Knife Hit? Let’s see


In this review, a user is sharing good experience when you purchase the game. It becomes ad-free when you buy the game, and you can play it without any restriction. And according to him, one can enjoy the game in a better way if you spend some money on it.

knife hit review

In this review user is complaining about the ads, the frequency of the ad increasing and it becomes a tedious task once start playing the game with ads in it.


  1. WildCraft Animal Sim Online 3D

Turbo Rocket Games Wildcraft Animal Sim Online 3D is becoming popular in the New Year, Game is currently only available for Android devices and soon be launching iOS. So let’s get started with the gameplay itself.

wildcraft animal sim

The Gameplay

In the game, you will be playing as a wild animal in a 3D landscape wilderness. Your objective is to raise a family in the wilderness. You can select or become any animal available for you, for example, Lynx, Fox, Wolf. Take your family and go for an adventure tour in the wilderness. You can have upto six cubes in a family. Also, you can customize each family member using animal simulation. If you are bored with your current family, you can leave them and start with a new one.

You can explore the new 3D world and visit new locations, surviving the different weather conditions is an enormous task in the game. You have to protect your family from other wild animals. You will be rewarded with special achievements once you defeat your enemies in fighting. You can also take the help of your friends to beat your enemies and safeguard your family members.

Let’s check out what gamers think about the game.

wildcraft animal sim review

In this cynical review a user complains about lags and time, it takes to load certain things in the game, because of the lags user lost few coins in the game, and he is also asking to fix the frame rate of the game.

wildcraft animal sim 3d review

This positive review proves that game has some potential to grow in future, many aspects are positives of the game, Once should understand what exactly game has to offer the average user.

  1. Water Park Craft: Waterslide Building Adventure 3D

Water Park Craft is based on building a theme park with designing and making new waterslides for it. You will be given blueprints in the game to help you create most dangerous and adventurous waterslides in the world. Using them, you can quickly build the water park you ever wanted since your childhood.

waterpark craft waterslide

The Gameplay

It’s the same concept like City Building Games SimCity build it. The only difference here is you are the owner of this Park, and you build it as per your requirement. Using gaming resources you have. Your job is to create water park games, try them out before presenting them to your visitors. This is a unique idea where you can learn from your mistakes and make better fun places for your visitors.

It’s not only about water park or theme park, But You can also explore your location and build more attractive things for the visitors, You even have the option to create an entire city if you like. There is a lot of things which you can do in this game. Let’s see again what gamers are thinking about this game and is it worth downloading and playing it?

water slide review

This positive review tells us that people like this game and it’s a good pass time for them.

waterslide reviews

In this review post, a user is complaining about the personal data being asked, sometimes it can be used to spam the people’s email or phone numbers, these are the concerns people are facing while playing the game.

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